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From time to time life invites us to integrate our learning and experience to take a big step into something different. Now is such a time! I’m excited to share this new chapter!

Mom’s Gone Missing:
When a Parent’s Changing Life Upends Yours

Mom’s Gone Missing is not a how-to book.  It’s a here’s-what-unfolded book, a story of a daughter’s experience with a father’s decade-long Alzheimer’s journey and a mother’s lightning fast dementia decline and both of their deaths.

The narrative includes sibling tensions, a bewildering array of healthcare, financial and legal decisions, reconciliation of lifelong hurts, and the emotional tsunami that surges through all.

This book takes you inside a family’s experience and walks you through the practical and sometimes mundane steps taken to prepare for and ultimately accompany parents in death.  It invites you in, encourages you to find familiar thoughts and emotions, and provides compassion for your worst moments, your rawest reactions, and your urge to laugh in sometimes inopportune moments.

It is a true story of a thoughtful writer’s journey with her parents, written with clarity, honesty, and vulnerability.  Its ultimate wish is to create a community within which to share stories and offer support.  You, in whatever stage of angst or pain, are welcome here.

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As a brand new year unfolds, Compassion Chats is working to expand our platform, develop new partnerships and invite a host of incredible guests.  We will post all the details just as soon as we have them.  

In the meantime, please visit our archive of past chats.  If you have a specific  question or topic you would like us to address, please send it to me.  We are here for you!

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