10 Questions Leaders Must Ask Themselves

In good times and bad, people watch leaders for signs that they are worth following. During the best of times, followers have questions, though they may not ask them out loud. In difficult and distressing times, followers are often more vocal, but the real questions still aren’t necessarily asked. Here are ten questions people have about leaders, some of which are never expressed; all of which determine a follower’s willingness to be led.

  1. Do you know what you’re talking about?
  2. Do you know where you’re going?
  3. Do you care about me?
  4. Can you influence others?
  5. Are you perceived as a winner?
  6. Will you reward my efforts?
  7. Will you give me credit for what I accomplish?
  8. Are you excited about “our” success?
  9. If you go down or leave, will I be hurt?
  10. Are you consistent in these answers?

Leaders, take some time to think carefully about your honest answers to these questions. Then ask yourself what you’re going to do about the answers. Your followers are waiting.

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