Angels in Our Realm

Angels in Our Realm

Do you know what angels look like? They are often depicted as cherubic creatures with wings, that smile beatifically and float about in ethereal clouds always ready to guide and protect.

The angels I know do not have wings. They are not all smiley; in fact, some appear quite solemn. They do not float or hover, though they do seem ready when called upon.

Their faces are different shapes, and their “packaging” varies greatly in color, tone, height and weight. Their gaits are dissimilar, too. Some are of long stride; others almost mincing in their footsteps. Gestures range from expansive to minimal; personalities from gregarious to deeply introspective.

They have cool names: Gina, Nia, Garrett, Stephanie, Art, Helen, Sterling. Thinking about this, every name is cool because it is unique to an individual.

What the angels I know have in common is their extraordinary ability to accept, engage, acknowledge and celebrate the people with whom they interact. Somehow they understand that words can hector or heal, a touch can soothe or scald, and a glance can lift up or tear down all in an instant. Their actions stem not from a need to prove their goodness, rather as a genuine response to the needs others.

Are these people perfect? Heavens no! Like you and me they can be hurt, betrayed, mocked, and dismissed. They experience disappointment, sometimes deeply so. They mess up, regret, try to be better and continue on their journey. Forgiveness is their superpower.

Unlike me (I can’t speak for you), they consciously slow their roll as they work with others. They can respond to a dig with a wry smile and a twinkle. Knowing themselves deeply, they do not mistake the opinions of others as indicators of their worth.

You may be surprised to know there are angels in your realm, too. You may not recognize them without their wings or clouds, but they live, work, and play where you do. Take a minute now and then to see if you can find them. They are not hiding, but they do not herald their presence, either. You’ll know them by their patience, gentleness, kindness and good humor. Come to think of it, you may encounter one when you look in the mirror. Wouldn’t that be a neat way to start a day?


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