Backbone Banter Blog

Backbone Banter Blog

Welcome! This blog is the product of many years of working with three elements of backbone: competence, confidence, and risk taking, as well as a writer’s compulsion to express. It is a weekly real-time collection of observations, musings, and an occasional rant. There’s no agenda, other than to comment on the world as it appears behind my eyeballs, hoping it might spur you to consider what it’s like behind yours. When we share such things, we learn from one another about a world that’s bigger than you or I can see on our own. (That’s building competence.)

Will it trigger disagreement? Hope so. Steel sharpens steel, meaning we get stronger when we surround ourselves with others who are strong. (That creates confidence.)

Will it foster anger? Hope not. Should not. I mean no malice toward, nor judgment of, anyone. With the piggy pile of mistakes I’ve made throughout my life, there’s no one I can point to as somehow weak or wrong. (This encourages risk taking, knowing there is something to learn with every pratfall.)

I hope you find encouragement, a bit of inspiration or simply a moment of entertainment here. Enjoy your journey!

backbone banter blog

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