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Adele Lund – Adele Lund Consulting

Healing Conversations: Adele Lund, Founder & CEO, Adele Lund Consulting


Our words hold more power than most of us begin to understand.  How we think influences how we listen, which in turn influences how we act. Are we listening for an opening to speak or with an intent to understand? If we are going to own the privilege of having the power to heal through our words and actions, let’s use it in a conscious and honoring way.

About Adele Lund:

Adele has committed her professional life to the service of older adults and their families.  Along the way she discovered a need to listen to their stories, realizing the depth of wisdom inherent in what she was hearing.  She often describes that portion of her career as “having the privilege of seeing seniors in their later chapters of life, observing the results of a life well lived and lessons learned along the way.”

Motivated by this insight, Adele developed presentations for seniors and their adult children that became the perfect vehicle for passing on life lessons from one generation to another and building connectivity where common understanding was often lacking.  She could be found in living rooms facilitating family conversations, helping individuals to overcome their fears and frustrations, sitting around a table in discussion groups, or at a podium sharing stories and nuggets of wisdom gained.

After 30+ years of listening and learning, as well as training and coaching professionals in her field, Adele has built her private practice on a mission of creating more connected communities.  This involves “more listening than talking, and more asking than telling.”  She also lives by these words…”Experience isn’t what happens to you, it’s what you do with what happens to you.”

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