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Bringing resources to caregivers dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and welcoming all who are tasked with caring for loved ones with prolonged diseases.

Anja Kerstin Kuentzel, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist

Kerstin writes, “Born, raised and educated in Germany, I married an American with whom I have shared a life in Germany, in Italy, and in America as well as a late parenthood for the past 35 years.”

Kerstin’s rich story included a confluence of circumstances that began with her own misdiagnosis and mistreated disease followed by her Mom’s lengthy cancer journey and her Dad’s 4-1/2 year roller-coaster ride with dementia. Throughout these challenges, Kerstin was determined to find a healthy perspective and accept her part in the inner healing process.

Kerstin’s explorations led her to a powerful and evidence-proven program by John James and Russell Friedman: the Grief Recovery Method. Trying it first on herself, she became convinced of its clear steps and direct approach. In 2020, Kerstin became a certified Advanced Grief Recovery specialist.

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