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New Podcast for Caregivers

Bringing resources to caregivers dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and welcoming all who are tasked with caring for loved ones with prolonged diseases.

Debby Deutsch – Patient Care Partners LLC

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Debby Deutsch BCPA holds a Graduate Certificate in Consumer Health Advocacy – UW Madison, and Board Certification from the Patient Advocate Certification Board. She is the Founder/CEO of Patient Care Partners, LLC, a private patient advocacy firm serving Madison WI and beyond since 2016.

“My team and I work exclusively on behalf of our patients and families,” notes Debby. “We are not part of any healthcare system, health insurer or care facility. As an independent third party, we help patients and families navigate complicated healthcare and insurance networks. We help with medical billing issues, care coordination and patient navigation from a nursing, case management and medical billing advocacy perspective. We bring a collective wealth of experience to our clients in solving complex problems.

“Two very usual clients for my team include proactive seniors who want to get their ducks in a row for aging in place.  They realize that they will be bringing services to their home as needed and they want help coordinating that, and possibly understanding evolving changes in their own health needs.  We also work very often with adult kids who are struggling with the emotions and the hard work needs in understanding and managing their parents or other’s healthcare needs.  We are poised to help, and we are honored to work with our patients, families and community partners.”


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