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Bringing resources to caregivers dealing with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and welcoming all who are tasked with caring for loved ones with prolonged diseases.

Stephanie Houston, MBA

Senior Outreach Program Coordinator – Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute

Stephanie Houston is a Senior Outreach Program Coordinator with the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Institute Regional Milwaukee Office. She joined the WAI staff in 2009, in her role Stephanie provides ongoing assistance to cognitively impaired, and medically underserved African American older adults and families.

Stephanie is a resource and a service link for older adults and their families who are seeking a proper evaluation and diagnosis for Alzheimer’s disease or related dementia. Routinely, she consults with families in their homes to develop a plan of care and strives to expand and ensure access to Alzheimer’s and dementia related clinical care and treatment, education, and resources for support. She is a member of the WAI Dementia Diagnostic Clinic Network and has served as a member of an interdisciplinary clinical team for more than 13 years. As a part of her unique integrated role at WAI, Stephanie provides oversight and management of the WAI Signature program The Amazing Grace Chorus. The WAI Milwaukee Office Organization’s motto is to “Meet the People where they Are.”

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