Fort Atkinson Public Library

Mom’s Gone Missing

Wednesday, February 24
10 am and 6:30 pm
Live on Zoom

Author Susan Marshall discusses her book “Mom’s Gone Missing: when a parent’s changing life upends yours.” Three years ago Susan learned her mom who had Alzheimer’s went missing when she drove into the Arizona desert and no one could locate her. Susan didn’t know the type of car she had, where her auto insurance was kept or other pertinent details. The police sent out a ‘Silver Alert’ and eventually found her, but there were many lessons learned on this journey.

Susan will share her own experiences about this important topic. She shares many tips for when you find yourself a caregiver of a loved one and how each of us can organize our lives so we have good files of important documents.

This story is insightful, often humorous and important as readers may too, need to traverse a multitude of bumps in the road as a personal caregiver to their parents, as Susan did–and what to look out for when they do.

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