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Mom’s Gone Missing” — a Discussion of How Alzheimer’s Upended Author Susan Marshall’s Life When Her Mom ‘Disappeared’ & What She Wishes She Had Known

What happened over nearly two years of caring for parents with Alzheimer’s and dementia brought rapid learning, new strength and a perspective that would have been impossible without deep challenge. Susan’s book, Mom’s Gone Missing: When a Parent’s Changing Life Upends Yours, is not a how-to book, but rather a deeply moving account of one family’s experience with a father’s decade-long Alzheimer’s journey and a mother’s lightning-fast dementia decline, and what the author would like others to know if they, too, find a loved one ‘missing’ due to degenerative diseases with no cure. Please join us to be encouraged as you make your way through whatever uncertainty lies ahead for you.

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Tips for Caregivers (Part Three)

Clinical information is your bedrock. Family members who do not have experience with providers or the understanding of the situation you have gained may dispute you at every turn. This is normal. Their aggression can certainly trigger an emotional response. You’ll lose it at times. Forgive yourself. Get some rest.

Tips for Caregivers (Part Two)

Listen carefully to information provided. Take time to consider it before asking questions that may have already been answered or cannot yet be answered. Remember that providers are fellow humans, subject to all the emotional challenges you are experiencing.

Tips for Caregivers (Part One)

Family members who are not directly involved in caretaking may have strong feelings about what is being done. These feelings can come out as forceful opinions or judgment of your efforts. Recognize that these feelings are normal during times of high stress.

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